Our History

“If the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live” – Pope John Paul II

It was 1984 when, with the launch of the first “Saeco Superautomatic” coffee machine, capable of grinding roasted coffee beans and making excellent espresso, a new market sector was unveiled and promptly perceived by Giuseppe Gallitelli, who, by supplying coffee to the increasing number of users of this new machine, began his family’s adventure in the world of coffee and vending machines.

At this early stage, Luigi and Marco also began to take their first steps, supported and encouraged by their father’s increasingly enthusiastic commitment.

Approximately after fifteen years, Giuseppe decided to start a parallel venture and, in 1999, he established the roasting company. Driven by an intense passion for roasting, he began to directly transform the raw material and create increasingly sophisticated combined blends of Arabica and Robusta coffee by matching craftsmanship in the blending with technology for the packaging lines. 

These new products were intended, initially, for direct sale to bars and restaurants and, later, by investing in new pieces of equipment to manufacture capsules and pods, also to the promising single-serving market.

The experience accumulated over the years and the meticulous attention to detail allows our company to be able to offer its esteemed customers five blends of absolute quality.

In 2015, as a result of the high increase in satisfied customers and consequent dimensional adjustment of the entire production structure, it changed its organizational and legal status and became a corporation. In addition to the roasting plant, the Gallitelli group includes the vending division and two coffee shops: the Blues Café in Mottola – in the Murgia Park area – and the Gran Caffè Gallitelli in Matera, the famous rock-carved city known for its Sassi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and international tourist destination.